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Bulletstorm VR's broken launch being addressed one step at a time

50 shades of Grayson.

Bulletstorm VR screenshot showing an enemy getting their limbs chopped off
Image credit: People can Fly

The Bulletstorm VR team is "committed to improving the quality" of its recent, really rather broken, release. To do this, it will be prioritising fixes based on severity.

In a joint statement, publisher People can Fly and developer Incuvo said they had heard the community's feedback since Bulletstorm VR launched in pretty bad shape. Players have complained about the VR port's botched physics and censorship, among a myriad of other issues.

Bulletstorm VR PSVR2 Gameplay - IS IT REALLY THAT TERRIBLE? - Ian's VR Corner. Watch on YouTube

People can Fly and Incuvo have since been taking note of each issue flagged by players, and plan to address each one by "triaging their severity".

The first patch is expected to release sometime this week, the companies said, and aims to address "many" of the game's current faults. However, they did not go into further detail as to which ones.

Bulletstorm VR message
The message from People can Fly and Incuvo regarding Bulletstorm Vr's release. | Image credit: People can Fly

If you are currently thinking, 'Oh, come on, the game can't be that bad!', I am afraid it is. Eurogamer's VR aficionado Ian Higton has taken Bulletstorm VR out for a spin, and he was left pretty disappointed by the whole thing, calling it sloppy.

"It really is quite shocking how bad the VR version of Bulletstorm is," he wrote. "Bulletstorm deserves better and, even though I really do appreciate the fact that this was done in the first place, we as VR fans deserve better than this too."

You can see Ian playing Bulletstorm VR in the video above.

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