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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons spoilercast

Two hands good, four hands better?

Hello! If you've read Dan's review, you'll know that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons draws a lot of its power from its killer ending. Hopefully by now some of you will have had a chance to play through that ending for yourself.

If you haven't, don't read any further, because in the following video Tom Phillips and I discuss the ending in massive, spoilery detail. If you have, well, have a watch and see what you think.

Whatever you make of the overall success of Brothers, it's definitely interesting stuff: a short game where the conclusion is a crucial part of the whole structure, rather than just a simple boss fight or a ride past some exploding stuff in a Warthog. It's the ending that will provide Starbreeze's latest with a spot in gaming folklore, in other words, but how does that ending sit within the wider context of the rest of the story?

Oh, one last thing: lost within the thrill of recording a voiceover for a spoilercast video, I accidentally refer to BLANK instead of BLANK at a crucial moment in the discussion. Apologies, and I hope this clears everything up. Have a lovely weekend!

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