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Wonderful fantasy adventure Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is coming to Switch next week

With proper two-player co-op.

Starbreeze Studios' masterful fantasy adventure Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is making the move to Switch next week, on 28th May, and it arrives with a notable new feature in the form of proper two-player co-op support.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which was widely acclaimed when it first launched in 2013, tells the story of two siblings, on a quest across the land to find a cure for their father's mysterious affliction. What follows is a wonderful, genuinely affecting adventure, starting in the relative tranquility of the brothers' idyllic village and growing ever-more fantastical.

It's a journey that mirrors, quite magnificently, the relationship of the two brothers, one a stern, sure-footed teen, and the other a younger, more exuberant youth. And it's the interplay between the two that not only drives the story, but forms the very core of the game.

In single-player, which has historically been Brothers' only option, one person controls both siblings simultaneously (an ultimately satisfying, but purposefully challenging proposition, requiring plenty of coordination), using each brother's inherent strength to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and push onward to the next memorable location.

Cover image for YouTube videoBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Nintendo Switch Pre-order Trailer (PEGI)

Brothers is a game that I absolutely adore, and have revisited many, many times since release. It's high on my list of all-time favourites (for countless, spoiler-filled reasons), but Brothers' idiosyncratic, often overwhelming control set-up has, unfortunately, made the experience somewhat impenetrable for many over the years.

As such, I'm kind of thrilled to see the game finally getting a more accessible control option, with two players now each able to guide one brother independently in order to solve puzzles and forge ahead - hopefully meaning that more people will see the experience through to the end, and take the whole beautiful journey with a friend.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will include behind-the-scenes commentary from director Josef Fares (also responsible for last year's co-operative prison-break drama A Way Out) and a concept art gallery when it comes to Switch's eShop on 28th May. It'll cost £9.99/$14.99 USD and there's a 10% discount for those that pre-order.