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Boy 'killed by Game Boy'

Tragic accident fronts UK tabloid.

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UK tabloid The Daily Mirror today leads with a story of a tragic holiday accident, with a half-page headline stating: "Killed by Xmas Game Boy."

The story, also on the red-top's website, tells of seven year-old Connor O'Keefe, who was electrocuted while unplugging a Game Boy charger in his hotel room in Thailand.

"There should be some kind of warning about different electrical currents you get abroad because this would not have happened in England," said the mother of the child, Kathleen Curry.

She also said that Connor was aware of the dangers of electricity, while police at the Sunset Beach Hotel in Phuket described the incident as a tragic accident.

All Game Boy handhelds come with numerous safety warnings in the manual and on printed leaflets, detailing consumer information and precautions. Instruction booklets also warn that devices 'must be used with the recommended power supply', and that they conform to the EEC's Low Voltage Directive.

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