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BOTS!! reaches million mark

Acclaim thanks addicted youth.

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Acclaim Games is celebrating more than one million registered users for its online robot fighting game BOTS!!

A press release attributed the success to "a growing fan base of young gamers who are addicted to the intense fighting action and social interaction with others".

To celebrate reaching the milestone Acclaim is holding an event between the 2nd and 7th May. Here you'll be able to win prizes and earn big points. Those of you who purchase Acclaim Coins will receive double what you ordered, and new items will be available to buy with them. There's also a special new boss called Dark Axe being added, who will have a high drop-rate for top-level items.

BOTS!! is an MMOG that's free to download and play. It lets you choose from three robot types to upgrade and battle against your friends. You can customise various parts of your bot, including the head, wings, guns and transformation packs - allowing you to morph into powerful fighting machines.

The game also offers you the opportunity to purchase Acclaim Coins, which you can use to buy items to enhance your experience.

Head over to the BOTS!! website for more information.

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