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Bloodborne's yearly community event has returned for Halloween

Oh, I can't wait... hee hee...

For the past few years, the Bloodborne community has come together annually to bring life back into From Software's gothic action-RPG.

The appropriately named Return to Yharnam started at midnight on the 5th October and will run until the 5th November.

Usually the event begins some time in March to celebrate the game's original release date, but this year with Sekiro releasing around the same time, the event was left on the backburner. Until now.

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The rules for the event are simple - start a fresh character to play with, and summon or invade other players worlds as much as you possibly can to get the online player base thriving again.

On reddit, fans are going as far as to suggest costumes for the event by using specific items from outfit sets to make yourself look extra spooky - my personal favourite is just Eileen the Crow's entire outfit.

If Bloodborne is one of those games you've had sat in your backlog for ages, this is a great chance to jump in for the first time, as there will likely be loads of players to summon in to help (or hinder) with some of the tougher areas and bosses. Good hunting!

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