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Bloodborne community rallying together for Return to Yharnam fan event

You're in the know, right?

The brilliant Bloodborne is getting a new lease of life this week when it arrives as a PlayStation Plus freebie and, to celebrate, fans are planning to flock back to the game to populate its multiplayer features.

Bloodborne's community are rallying together from this Saturday, 10th March for a new "Return to Yharnum" event, organised by the Bloodborne reddit and on a Discord fan server.

How can you join in? Existing fans are being encouraged to create a new character, play through the game and engage in co-op as much as possible.

Specifically, players are asked to defeat a couple of other hunters in each area in order to spawn Bell Maidens. Also, to leave a teasing message by as many lamps as possible: "You're in the know, right?"

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New to Bloodborne? You'll simply benefit from other fans being online, should you wish to call in another player to help tackle one of the game's trickier sections.

"Imaginative, powerful and coherent, Bloodborne is genius," Rich Stanton wrote in our Bloodborne review. Worth a try, then.