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Blood Dragons are back for Far Cry 5's Living Dead Zombies DLC

Dragon on and on and on.

Far Cry 5's next DLC offering - Dead Living Zombies - will release on 28th August 2018, and from a split-second tease near the end of its latest trailer, it seems Far Cry's fan-favourite Blood Dragons are making a comeback.

The latest DLC content promises a zombified version of Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo is - for reasons left unexplained - a Frankenstein's monster-esque patchwork of other B-movie creatures, including what appears to be a werewolf, a vampire, a mummy, and bits of Frankenstein's mutilated buddy, too (which makes it a Frankenstein monster of Frankenstein's monster, right? I think?)

Chuck in a little Bridges of Madison County and that's all I thought Dead Living Zombies was... right until I got to the end of the teaser (thanks, PCGN). While the trailer focuses chiefly on a fairly predictable bevvy of undead denizens, in the dying seconds there's a shot of a Blood Dragon. Here, take a look, paying particularly close attention when it gets to 0.36:

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I see you.

You may remember Blood Dragons from that gaudy, neon-drenched Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spin-off that was as incredible as it was unexpected. Since then, Far Cry fans have had something of a soft spot for them.

Dead Living Zombies follows DLC episodes Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars, and will be the final DLC chapter available via Far Cry 5's Gold Edition and current £25.99 Season Pass.

Of course, there's no need to wait if you're playing on Xbox One - some players with the Far Cry 5: Gold Edition or the Far Cry 5 Season Pass were able to play it a little early courtesy of an unexpected (and unplanned) early release.

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