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Blizzard resurrects Lost Vikings in Heroes of the Storm

A Very Hard three-in-one prospect.

One of the first games Blizzard ever made was a co-operative platformer called The Lost Vikings. I played it on the SNES 100 years ago in 1992.

Now those Lost Vikings are back and in Heroes of the Storm, the battleground MOBA playground for potentially any hero Blizzard ever made.

The Lost Vikings - Olaf, Baelog, Erik - work together as one unit, three characters in one, and they're classified as Very Hard to play.

Each can move, attack and be killed separately, and they have their own respawn timers if and when they die. They can be controlled as a group as well and have abilities that demand it. Apparently they smash chests on Blackheart's Bay very quickly if they're together.

They're not on the free rotation at the moment; they're £7.49 to buy.

There's a Blizzard blog post explaining The Lost Viking abilities and history, and there are a few costume changes aired there too. Below is what they look like in the game right now.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in closed beta.

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