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Blizzard hints heavily at game reveal

Pardo says it all, while saying nothing.

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Speaking at the Game Developers Conference in Paris yesterday, Blizzard vice president Rob Pardo dropped the strongest hint yet that Blizzard is about to announce a new game at its World Wide Invitational event.

The WWI is also taking place in the French capital and will kick off this Saturday. Asked by a member of the audience if the company will announce a new game this weekend, Pardo deflected the question - but accepted the premise.

"So you want me to announce the game before our announcement?" he said. "No offence, but I think there's like 300 people here, and I'll be ripped apart by 8000 people [at the Invitational] if I pre-announce it.

"But it's going to be really exciting," Pardo continued. "I think everybody here will be really excited about the announcement."

Hardly a denial. It's long been known a third game - alongside StarCraft II and World of Warcraft - is in development at Blizzard, and those in the know strongly suspect it's Diablo III.

Hints on the company's website seemed to back that theory up this week, although some maintain the announcement will relate to second WOW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Pardo's comments seem to suggest that scenario's less likely.

Diablo III just got another inch closer. Roll on Saturday, and keep your eyes on Eurogamer for all the news as it happens.

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