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Blast Factor follow-up details

Journey into science.

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Bluepoint Games boss Andy O'Neil has revealed new details for Blast Factor: Advanced Research, and Tom ordered me to write about them even though they're a bit crusty and old now. He's so pushy.

It's a pseudo-sequel to the PlayStation Network arcade shooter from earlier in the year, which put you in control of a tiny ship tasked with destroying bad virus cells. A bit like Innerspace, where Dennis Quaid and submarine were shrunk and accidentally injected into a hypochondriac's head.

New to Advanced Research are completely revamped visuals and audio, as well as new bosses, enemies and specimens. There will be a monthly online high score table, too, and a practice mode so you won't look silly when your friends come round and watch.

Gameplay has also been tweaked. The nasty cells will have new powers that can turn your abilities against you, suppress chaining, or create enormous explosions for the super big combo scores.

Blast Factor was released on the PlayStation Network earlier this year, and cost just under a fiver. On first glance it looks like the PS3 answer to Geometry Wars, but when held under a microscope proved to be much more tactical; Tom said it was a bit like comparing Gears of War to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Unfortunately it also failed to reach the dizzying acclaim of Geometry Wars, and lingered in its Petri dish as decent and competent effort. But if Bluepoint Games can refocus its efforts and take on board criticism of the first, then it could be well worth keeping an eye on.

Head over to our Blast Factor review for a closer inspection.

Alternatively shrink into our Blast Factor: Advanced Research gallery for the first couple of images, or sail to Eurogamer TV for the trailer.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research is due for release "soon" in the US, and we're waiting to hear back from Sony for the European date.

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