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EGTV: Exclusive Blast Factor

New footage of fancy sequel.

The day before today we told you that PlayStation Network title Blast Factor was getting a sequel. We even gave you some details.

And today we're giving you more. You might have even already seen the exclusive video over on Eurogamer TV, or had a look at the exclusive shots in our Blast Factor: Advanced Research gallery. If you haven't, do.

It shows the revamped game in action; your little microscopic ship blasting nasty virus cells using all manner of clever tactics.

Because, you see, this time everything will look nicer, sound better, and be more challenging. There's more enemies with fancy new powers, and monthly high score tables for that sense of achievement - even a practice mode to get to grips with things.

And for those of you saying it looks like a knock-off of Geometry Wars, well, you've missed the point. It isn't, Blast Factor is more tactical - read our review from earlier in the year if you don't believe us.

Or ignore all that and delight and the sparkly explosions on Eurogamer TV, or in our Blast Factor: Advanced Research gallery.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research is expected in the US PlayStation Store "soon", although Sony has yet to announce its European plans.