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Blast Factor add-on in October

Sony clarifies date.

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Sony Europe has told us this morning that the Blast Factor: Advanced Research add-on will be available sometime in October - not 20th September as ThreeSpeech suggests.

The expansion will revamp the visuals and audio of the PlayStation Network game, as well as add new bosses, enemies, specimens and special powers. There will be a monthly online high score table, too, and a practice mode so you won't look silly when your friends come round and watch.

Advanced Research was released in August in the US for USD 4.99. But unfortunately there's no word on what it will cost here.

The original Blast Factor game appeared here earlier this year, and impressed us with its tactical blast-'em-up action. Hopefully these new additions can turn it into a solid and positive recommendation.

Head over to our Blast Factor review to find out more.

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