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Birmingham gets gaming centre

Omega Sektor open in summer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A vast next generation 'arcade' is set to open in the heart of Birmingham this summer, and will give the UK one of the largest gaming centres in the world.

Dubbed the 'Omega Sektor', the 'state of the art' centre will boast more than 400 top of the range PCs, as well as "the market leading next-generation consoles including the Xbox 360". It's already attracted the attention of "major" publishers, and will offer a catalogue of around 500 playable games when its doors open.

For those of you who need breaks there'll be a comfy chill out area showing a variety of films and trailers, in addition to MP3 players fitted so you can enjoy your favourite death metal or Vengaboys albums.

Quake legend Sujoy Roy will be director of the behemoth, and is beaming with pride at his creation.

"Omega Sektor will help build communities with key gaming competitions and tournaments taking place frequently at the centre and a rankings system, which will be hosted on the website," said Roy.

It would certainly provide us with an alternative to upgrading our rickety old PCs. Would you go?

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