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BioWare video demos new Mass Effect 3 combat abilities

Nova! Sentry Turret! Improved Charge, Overload! Melee!

The Vanguard class in Mass Effect 3 has a new Nova ability that sees Shepard leap up then slam his/her fist into the ground, sending out a close-range shockwave that crashes into surrounding enemies.

Shepard must expend all barrier power to use Nova, making it a high risk, high reward power.

A first glimpse of Nova was shown during a new episode of BioWare Pulse. Gameplay designer Eric Fagnan and combat designer Corey Gaspur narrated.

BioWare offered a look at returning Vanguard ability Charge, which makes Shepard burst forward in a blurry blue bubble and crash into a desired, far-off enemy.

In Mass Effect 3, classes will each have a unique power, as well as improved versions of powers seen in Mass Effect 2.

The new Engineer power is the Sentry Turret, which Shepard launches into the air. This can fight any enemy and can be seen by you through walls, making it a great way to draw enemy fire before you steam in.

The duo showed improved anti-shield power Overload, which has had "a couple of upgrades" and now chain-hits multiple enemies.

Vanguard Shepard was using a new Krogan shotgun called, err - it sounded like "The Grohl". I can't find anything more accurate. This shotgun fires a tight cone of spikes that stick into enemies at range, making them bleed bloody blood. Apparently "The Grohl" is one of the most accurate shotguns in the game.

Each class has a new special melee ability in Mass Effect 3. Gaspur and Fagnan demonstrated the Adept's one-handed biotic push/punch, which hurled an enemy back through the air. The Engineer, meanwhile, used a high damage but low force attack that looked like a back-hand uppercut; the omni-tool flashed and the enemy burned from fiery damage.

The clip closed with a discussion of AI, and the varying ways classes can tackle situations. An Adept can biotically pull a shield from an enemy's hands, while an Engineer can hack enemy turrets and turn them on their masters.

The BioWare Pulse clip is below.

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