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BioWare suggests keeping Mass Effect 3 saves


In what won't become the mystery of the century, BioWare has suggested hanging on to Mass Effect 3 save-games.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea," associate producer Mike Gamble told GamerZines.

"Obviously I can't say anything," he said, "but it wouldn't be a bad idea..."

Mass Effect 3 won't be the end of Mass Effect - BioWare has flatly stated as much before. Mass Effect 3 will only be the end of Commander Shepard, whose story we've followed since Mass Effect 1.

So, is Gamble hinting at Mass Effect 4? Or is Gamble going on about downloadable content?

Where would Mass Effect 4 even be set - would BioWare consider a prequel? How would that work with a Mass Effect 3 save-game?

Mike Gamble told Eurogamer this week that the ending of Mass Effect 3 will "make some people angry".

"It's going to make some people extremely happy; it's going to make some people angry," he said. "But that's part of it, right? To invoke the emotion putting some of these stories to bed will naturally bring up."

Please don't do a Matrix.

Mass Effect 1, where the story began.

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