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BioWare on PS3 Mass Effect 2 save bug

"Working to understand what is occurring."

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Has your PS3 Mass Effect 2 save-game corrupted after tens of hours and become unplayable? Don't worry, BioWare knows about this and is busy "working to understand what is occurring".

Said community manager Chris Priestly to his flock: "Just to make it clear, we are aware of this issue and are working to understand what is occurring and how we can fix it.

"If you are encountering this issue, please provide details about your PS3 and your play-through.

"Thanks everyone."

BioWare's Jesse Houston went on to ask victims of the "issue" for details about where in the game the crash occurred, how many levels you played before it happened and how long you had been playing up to that point.

Posts on the official Mass Effect 2 forum report the bug happening with both old and new PS3 models.

Worryingly, there are also reports of the Mass Effect 2 bug forcing an entire PS3 hard drive reformat upon reboot.

If you're willing to risk playing Mass Effect 2 while BioWare develops a patch, be sure to use multiple saved games. This is a golden rule for many RPGs.

Mass Effect 2 is the first game of the renowned sci-fi RPG series to appear on PS3. It's also the first big PS3 project to be developed in-house at BioWare - Dragon Age: Origins, remember, was made by Edge of Reality. Let's hope the problems are eradicated for Dragon Age 2's multi-platform launch in March.

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