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Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC coming in late May

Masses of new content for bonkers Zelda riff.

Deeply disturbed indie adventure The Binding of Isaac gets a beefy DLC add-on in late May, developer Edmund McMillen has announced.

Titled Wrath of the Lamb, it'll cost your local equivalent of $3.

According to a NeoGAF recap of McMillen's now defunct Twitter feed, the expansion adds the following:

  • 10+ bosses
  • 100+ new items
  • 20+ enemies
  • 4 chapters
  • 1 character
  • 6 rooms
  • 40+ unlocks
  • 4+ tracks
  • 1 "final" ending
  • 7+ "random happenings"
  • 5 ultra rare pick-ups
  • 5 new cards
  • 4 new pills
  • 10 new challenges
  • A "buttload" of new achievements

McMillen added that the DLC adds "50 per cent more content" and that he's been "working on it longer than the actual game".

Things are also ramping up with McMillen's day job at Team Meat. It recently announced a new iOS game based on it's acclaimed platformer Super Meat Boy.