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Big gameplay leak of Amazon's new MMO pops up on PornHub

It didn't last long.

Gameplay of Amazon's new MMO has leaked online.

Two hours and 11 minutes of uncut streamed footage of New World was uploaded to PornHub in late September.

The leak first emerged on the New World Libertarian Discord, where a user linked to a Google Drive file. The video was then uploaded to PornHub as "backup... in case of removal".

While New World is announced and even has a product page on Amazon, it is currently running in a non-disclosure agreement-protected closed alpha.

The footage was removed from PornHub, but not before it was viewed over 3800 times. YouTuber Less Than Epic then condensed the gameplay and uploaded his own impressions, below.

Cover image for YouTube video

Based on the footage, New World is a third-person survival MMO with resource gathering, crafting and action combat. The idea is you settle a new world, joining forces with other players to form companies of craftspeople, mercs, prospectors and architects. You claim territory while fighting against raiders.

This isn't the first time leaked gameplay footage has hit PornHub. Back in 2015, thousands of people watched leaked Fallout 4 footage on the porn site. You can see why people would use PornHub as a home for leaked gameplay footage, although, clearly, it is not immune to takedown requests from copyright holders.

Back to New World, and there's no release date for the game yet. Related, the makers of Star Citizen - Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries - are being sued by Crytek over misuse of CryEngine, which forms the basis of Lumberyard, the engine used by Amazon to build New World and used by CIG to build Star Citizen. Amazon is also making a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One racing game based on Top Gear-by-another-name car show The Grand Tour.