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Bet on Euro PS3 price outcome

Paddy Power giving odds.

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Irish bookie Paddy Power is taking bets on how much Sony will reduce the price of the European PS3 by.

The platform holder is expected to make an announcement regarding the cost this week at E3, in light of the recent USD 100 price cut in the US.

At the moment the PS3 retails for GBP 425, and current favourite among the betting is a snip down to between GBP 376 - 400 at 11/8. A small change or none at all (GBP 401 - 425) is sitting pretty at 8/1.

"Sony have come under some serious pressure going up against fellow big boys the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360," said Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power. "If they want to increase sales and hold their position in the market they'll have to bring their prices down a Wii bit!"

Arf. Well we know where our money will be. A full list of odds can be found below. Head over to the Paddy Power site to put your money where your mouth is.

What will Sony reduce the PS3 to for the UK?

  • 12/1 - Less than GBP 300
  • 10/1 - Between GBP 300 - 325
  • 4/1 - Between GBP 326 - 350
  • 2/1 - Between GBP 351 - 375
  • 11/8 - Between 376 - 400
  • 8/1 - Between 401 - 425

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