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Beatles songs licensed to Rock Band?

Press conference this afternoon.

Harmonix and MTV may be on the verge of landing The Beatles for Rock Band.

That's the view taken by "several people familiar with the matter", who spoke to the Wall Street Journal yesterday after MTV and Apple Corps scheduled a press conference for 2pm this afternoon.

Songs have indeed been licensed, the WSJ reported, although "Key details about the Beatles game release couldn't be learned, such as which songs, and from what era of the band's career, are to be included. A release date and price also couldn't be learned."

So far MTV and Apple Corps have resisted attempts to clarify details of today's teleconference with executives, which is scheduled for 7am PST (2pm GMT) and promises an "exclusive agreement to develop [an] unprecedented global music project".

Should Rock Band have landed The Beatles, it will come as another blow for Activision's competing Guitar Hero World Tour, which launched in the US this week and is imminent in Europe. European distributor EA yesterday announced Rock Band 2 launch plans for next month.

We'll let you know when Beatles details are in the open.