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Bayonetta 3 re-emerges with new trailer and 2022 release window

Heel turn.

Bayonetta 3 is alive and kicking.

Platinum's action game starred in tonight's Nintendo Direct with a new trailer, below, and a 2022 release window.

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The video shows off plenty of action, with Bayonetta revealing her new look and what sounds like a new voice actress. There's all the over-the-top fighting you'd expect from the series, and a big boss to boot. This time, Bayonetta can directly control demons.

"A new-look Bayonetta returns to battle foes with her signature Witch Time!" reads the official blurb. "This time, she'll wield her new Demon Masquerade ability to channel the power of demons and engage in larger-than-life action."

The Nintendo Switch-exclusive third instalment of the bewitching franchise was revealed in 2017, but Platinum has been pretty taciturn on progress since then, only infrequently breaking cover to insist that yes, the game is still in development.