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Battlefield 3 Shortcut DLC arrives on Xbox 360

3200 Points unlocks all 119 weapons, gadgets and upgrades.

The Battlefield 3 Shortcut DLC announced for PlayStation 3 last week has now arrived on Xbox 360.

The various packs on offer essentially let you unlock items without having to work for them in-game.

Prices range from 400 Points for all seven weapons from the co-op campaign, to 3200 Points for all 119 weapons, items and upgrades available across the entire game.

Here's the full list of packs and prices, as seen on

  • Ground vehicle shortcut: 800 Points
  • Kit shortcut bundle: 2000 Points
  • Assault kit shortcut: 560 Points
  • Support kit shortcut: 560 Points
  • Recon kit shortcut: 560 Points
  • Air vehicle shortcut: 800 Points
  • Co-op weapons shortcut: 400 Points
  • Engineer kit shortcut: 800 Points
  • Vehicle shortcut bundle: 1440 Points
  • Ultimate shortcut bundle (all weapons, items and upgrades): 3200 Points

A massive patch also goes live today for 360 owners, bringing with it the new rent-a-server feature.

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