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Battlefield 2042 coming to EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate with Season 3

As DICE details its future plans.

DICE has shared more on its future plans for Battlefield 2042, including the news it's coming to EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate when Season 3 launches in a "few weeks" time.

The studio made the announcement in its latest developer update, which highlights some of the new additions coming to Battlefield 2042 as part of Season 3 and beyond.

Season 3, which is yet to receive an official start date, includes a new multiplayer map, a new Specialist, new weapons - including Bad Company 2's XM8 and Battlefield 3's A-91 - plus a new Battle Pass. It'll also usher in map reworks for Manifest and Breakaway.

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Battlefield 2042's Season 2 ends on 22nd November.

Manifest's revamp arrives first, in 2042's 3.1 update. Players can expect to see enhanced cover, improved visibility - with better lit areas and clearer sightlines - as well as the removal of redundant playspace, and HQ flags that are closer to the action. DICE says the flags themselves have received careful attention, ensuring players can "better focus [their] attack and defense when playing the objective."

Breakaway's overhaul, meanwhile, will be included in 2042's 3.2 update, currently expected to launch in the "early part" of 2023. This brings new ice and snow shaders, heavy reworks for the town and nearby foundries, a repositioned oil rig (now closer to the action), new flags, as well the removal of the Outlook flag to create a "more engaging round of Conquest".

3.2 will also see the arrival of DICE's Specialist and Classes Revamp - which, as its name suggests, reintroduces classes to the game, giving Specialists defined roles and an arsenal of gadgets and equipment suited to their specialisation.

Beyond Season 3, DICE has confirmed pre-production has already begun on "all new content" set to release after next year's Season 4. It's also promised further reworks for existing maps as post-launch support continues.

Alongside Battlefield 2042's impending release on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, it'll also be getting a free trial period across all platforms. On Xbox, this will run from 1st-4th December, while Steam's is schedued for 1st-5th December. As for PlayStation, the free trial runs from 16th-23rd December. Additional details can be found in DICE's blog post.