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Battle for Presidency is a fighter starring US presidents and nominees

Valve's Chet Faliszek: "That's like the most awesome game."

In an interview with us earlier this week Valve's Chet Faliszek mentioned that a fighting game on Steam Greenlight in which you play as various US presidents kicking the crap out of each other had caught his fancy.

Did I mention you can fight on the moon?

"There's a fighting game where you're past presidents of the United States and you're fighting in the Oval Office. That's hilarious," he said. "That's like the most awesome game. I totally want Street Fighter with Abe Lincoln versus George Washington."

As it turns out, that game is Battle for Presidency by Candax Productions.

This isn't the first presidential-based fighting game with Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment's free iOS game Vote handling the current Obama vs. Romney face-off while Slate's hilarious Political Kombat '12 video retells the story of the 2012 election via a Mortal Kombat parody.

If you want to see a wife-beater wearing Honest Abe duke it out with presidential nominee Mitt Romney watch the Battle for Presidency trailer below. It looks quite rough at the moment, but it's still good for a laugh and who knows, maybe someday we'll finally get the presidential fighting game we all deserve.

(I'm reminded of an old college professor who wrote a novel about a time-traveling Abraham Lincoln. No, really.)

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