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Back 4 Blood delayed to October 2021

Drip feed.

Back 4 Blood has been delayed by four months. It was due out 18th June. It's now due out 12th October.

In a statement, developer Turtle Rock said it needs more time to make the co-op shooter "the best it can possibly be at launch".

Turtle Rock added there will be an open beta this summer.

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"Back 4 Blood is everything I'd want from a new Left 4 Dead," wrote our Martin in his hands-on Back 4 Blood preview.

Turtle Rock is the team behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve. Back 4 Blood returns to the Left 4 Dead concept, where you and three friends fight against seemingly endless hordes of undead. In the video above, Ian Higton, Aoife Wilson and Zoe Delahunty-Light play Back 4 Blood for an hour.

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