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Axed End of Nations dev Petroglyph returns with Kickstarter Victory pitch

Online team RTS with no bases or resources.

What next for axed End of Nations developer Petroglyph? Kickstarter, would you believe, and a game called Victory.

Petroglyph is pitching what looks like an RTS but involves no base building or resource management. Instead it's a online arena game for teams. Bouts are relatively quick (15-20 mins) and bestow experience that strengthens your persistent pool of units that you select from before each battle begins.

The theme is World War 2 and the North African theatre of war. The presentation has a cartoon edge to it, and there's already a playable prototype up and running.

Full development will require $700,000. But Victory, ironically, is a long way away: only $16,373 has been raised in a couple of days.

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