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Atomega is the new game from the Grow Home team

And it's an online multiplayer shooter?

Ubisoft has just announced a new gamed called Atomega. It's a first-person shooter set at the end of time, and it involves growing from a very small sphere to a towering, teetering robot. It will hit Steam on 19th September. That's soon.

Atomega's exciting because it's the new game from the incubator team at Reflections in Newcastle. This is the outfit that made Grow Home and its sequel Grow Up. Resolutely single-player and non-violent, Grow Home was a very different proposition to Atomega, but genre aside, both share a wonderful bloomy, colourful art style, and a playful tactility.

According to the press release, Reflection's new game takes place "at the very end of time where reality is rapidly dissolving." The last surviving life-forms in the universe have gathered around the final dying star, where they spend their last few moments playing a game about evolution and destruction.


Players must acquire mass as they move around an intricate, roomy map, coaxing their exoform through a series of evolutions as they move from something very small to something very big. Mass is lost in firefights, but you'll want to try and hang onto it, because the more mass you have, the more points you score. Tactical stuff: stay small and speedy, or grow big and powerful, but also increasingly slow and exposed? I have struggled with these decisions in my own life.

Atomega will be €9.99, which is probably around £6.99? I will update you when I know for sure.

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