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At least Wissam Ben Yedder knows he's the most hated player in FIFA 20

Nothing could measure.

Wissam Ben Yedder is infamous within the FIFA community for being pretty much the most hated player to face in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - and it seems like real-life Ben Yedder is well aware of his virtual counterpart's reputation.

EA Sports revealed the Team of the Season So Far promotional cards for Ligue 1 yesterday, and of course the Monaco hit-man is on the list.

Ben Yedder's astonishing 97-rated card includes 97 pace, 97 shooting, 98 dribbling, 94 passing and 84 physical, making it one of the best in the game.

"How many broken controllers with this one?" was Ben Yedder's Twitter reaction to the reveal of his own card. Lots, I imagine. Lots and lots and lots.

So, why is Ben Yedder so feared in FUT? Widely considered to be the most broken card in the game, Ben Yedder's pace, dribbling ability and shooting prowess makes him the ultimate forward in this year's game, outside perhaps a few of the best icon cards. Ben Yedder is considered one of the ultimate "sweaty" forwards in the game, and he's a nightmare to play against.

This Team of the Season So Far version of Ben Yedder is more powerful than any previous version. I mean, just look at this:

Image credit FUTHead.com.

The FIFA community appears to agree with real-life Ben Yedder's assessment of his new card. "I already broke my controller looking at this card," one FUTHead.com user wrote.

I suppose the only saving grace is TOTSSF Ben Yedder is eye-wateringly expensive on the FUT auction house, which may perhaps limit how often you'll bump into him online. Expect to pay 7.1m coins on PS4 or 4.7m on Xbox One!

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