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Assassin's Creed movie lets you phone Jeremy Irons' voicemail

Abstergo yourself.

Ubisoft has begun teasing next year's Assassin's Creed film by releasing the business card for fictional Abstergo boss Alan Rikkin, soon to be played by Jeremy Irons.

Ring the telephone number on the card (either for Rikkin's Spanish address or his main North American office) and you'll receive a pre-recorded message from Irons, in character, saying he is currently out of the office on business.

Not so coincidentally, the British actor has just been filming the Assassin's Creed movie in Spain opposite its main star Michael Fassbender (X-Men, Prometheus).

Fassbender is set to play modern day Assasssin Callum Lynch and his 15th century Spanish descendant Aguilar. Marion Cotillard (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) will appear as Rikkin's daughter.

Rikkin featured briefly in the first Assassin's Creed game and has been referenced numerous times since. Little is known about the character, although he has served as the CEO of Templar front company Abstergo for many years.

Ubisoft is thought to be ensuring the events of the upcoming movie tie firmly into the franchise's existing universe, which has been expanded with numerous books, comics and short films.

After years in development hell, Ubisoft is set to finally release its Assassin's Creed film in just under a year's time - on 21st December 2016.

Here's audio of the voicemail, thanks to GamesRadar.