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Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Secrets of London, music boxes, Aegis, Michael Reuge's Vault

How to find every last music box (or Secret of London) in Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and get your hands on Evie's Aegis outfit.

Sprinkled hither and thither around the Victorian world of Assassin's Creed Syndicate are a series of pretty little music boxes just waiting to be added to your collection. There's a good reason to grab all of these items too, as once you've bagged the lot you'll be able to get your hands on the powerful Aegis outfit in Michael Reuge's Vault, while also ticking off the Godlike Achievement or Trophy - depending on your platform of choice - at the same time.

We've separated our guide to finding every last one of these music boxes into six different location categories, so you stand a better chance of methodically working your way through the list with the minimum of backtracking. You'll also be able to hear the boxes chiming away whenever you get near to them, which should help you narrow things down even more. Once you've picked them all up, make your way back to the old dig site in the City of London, and enter the Vault once more to claim your rewards.

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City of London and Lambeth music boxes

City of London

1. You'll receive your first music box during a cut-scene triggered by your first visit to Michael Reuge's Vault.

2. North-east of the Vault is a red brick building. Get up on the roof and take the music box from over in the corner.

3. Make your way to Cockham Merchants, then go to the building's rear and look for the next Secret of London on the roof near the railway.

4. Go to the Kenway mansion, then enter the park that's to the east. Now walk towards the gazebo and take the music box from the nearby bench.

5. Head to Herbington's Tea shop, then look for the stool that's out the front. Take the music box from it to finish up the City of London section.


1. The first of this zone's Secrets is located right in the top north-east corner, on top of the smokestack.

2. Head to the end of the docks and take the next music box from the ropes lying on the floor.

3. Just east of the centre of this region is a red brick building with a bell tower. Climb all the way up and grab the next music box.

4. Head to the park in the north-west of Lambeth and look for a tree stump along the pathway.

Westminster and Whitechapel music boxes


1. Go to the buildings by the north corner of Victoria station and look for a wooden table by a fire. You should be able to see the music box.

2. Head to Green Park, walk west and look for a tree stump.

3. In the region's most south-western tip is a red and white building. Get on the roof and head towards the lantern.

4. Head to the Houses of Parliament and enter the southern courtyard. Take the music box off the bench.

5. Get up on the balcony of Richmond Terrace and look east to find the next Secret.

6. Go to St. James's Park to get two music boxes. The first is on a bench by a shack in the north corner, the second is on a crate in the south-east corner.


1. Head to the graveyard of St. Mary Matfelon and look for a grave by a tree.

2. Go to the yellow building just east of the centre of this region, then grab the music box from under the window by the shed.

3. Make your way to the northernmost part from the centre of the zone and look for a little wooden hovel.

4. Look for the row of buildings right in the middle of Whitechapel and get the next music box from the roof of the tallest of these buildings.

The Strand and Thames music boxes

The Strand

1. Head to the little park area in the north-west of The Strand and grab the music box from the luggage to the rear of the gazebo.

2. Find the next Secret of London in the tower at the National Gallery.

3. Get the next box from the beneath the stairs leading from the southern section of Covent Garden.

4. Go to the yellow building in the southernmost section of The Strand and take the music box from the balcony with the ivy growing on it.


1. Head to the most north-eastern bridge and find the next box on a bench.

2. Go the docks to the east of the last box and grab the next one from the roof of a shop.

3. As the Thames starts to bend - and on the inside of the bend - look for a metal door on a walkway leading to a bridge support.

4. Look for a boat with the English flag in the southernmost part of this region. You'll find the next music box on the roof of the smaller boat nearby.

Southwark music boxes


1. Get the next music box from the storage tank furthest to the north, over in the eastern section of the region.

2. Look for a yellow building near the centre of the region's lower edge. Once you're there, look for a wooden ledge by the railway.

3. Go as far south-west as you can in Southwark and look for a barrel behind a crane, by a Danger sign.

4. Head north-east from the north-east corner of Waterloo Station until you find a brick workshop. The final box is on the roof.

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