Red Dead Redemption 2 Perks give your character additional boosts to help you survive out in the wilderness.

These range from increases XP gains, better quality pelts, increasing the herbs you gather, through to increased resistance to alcohol.

Perks are unlocked by collecting Trinkets and Talismans. These are rare items which, when crafted or unlocked, will bestow the effect upon your character for the rest of the game.

How Perks, Trinkets and Talismans work in Red Dead Redemption 2

To earn Perks, you have to collect Trinkets and Talismans. These are crafted at Fences, the illegal shopkeeper found dotted through Red Dead Redemption 2's map.

Provide them with the relevant item and some cash, and you'll walk away with your item. Most of them require items of significant rarity, such as tracking down Legendary Animals through to items earned from collecting entire lines of collectables.


Once you have a Trinket or Talisman, its effects will be on your character for good. To view what has been unlocked, press pause, then select Player, then Arthur to see them listed.

Meanwhile, there is a Trinket and Talisman for owners of the Special / Ultimate Edition. You'll find these in the clothing chest at the foot of your bed at camp from the start of Chapter 2 - there's no other steps required.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Perks, Trinkets and Talismans list

Here is a complete list of all Trinkets and Talismans, and the Perks they provide:

Trinket or TalismanCostResources requiredEffect
Beaver Tooth Trinket $18.25 1x Legendary Beaver Tooth Permanently slows degradation of all weapons by 10%
Buck Antler Trinket $22 1x Legendary Buck Antler Player recieves higher quality skinned animal parts
Coygar Fang Trinket $20.5 1x Legendary Cougar Fang Permanently increases player's stamina experience bonus by 10%
Coyote Fang Trinket $21.25 1x Legendary Coyote Fang Permanently increases player's Dead Eye experience bonus by 10%
Elk Antler Trinket $22.75 1x Legendary Elk Antler Permanently increases the value of player's looted money by 10%
Fox Claw Trinket $23.5 1x Legendary Fox Claw Permanently increases the time that Eagle Eye can stay active by 5 seconds
Lion's Paw Trinket $19.75 1x Lion's Paw Permanently increases the player's stamina experience bonus by 10%
Moose Antler Trinket $19 1x Legendary Moose Antler Permanently increases player's health experience bonus by 10%
Panther's Eye Trinket $25 1x Legendary Panther Eye Permanently increases the speed that the Dead Eye bar drains by 10% for 3 seconds
Pronghorn Horn Trinket $24.5 1x Legendary Pronghorn Horn Stops animafls on horseback from spoiling
Ram Horn Trinket $17.5 1x Legendary Ram Horn Picking Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint yields 2x more herbs
Wolf Heart Trinket $16 1x Legendary Wolf Heart Player can consume 2x more alcohol before feeling negative effects of being drunks
Tatanka Bison Horn Trinket $16.75 1x Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn Permanently decreases the amount of melee damage recieved by 10%
Iguana Scale Trinket N/A Owners of the Special / Ultimate Edition only Reduces horseback damage by 10%
Alligator Tooth Talisman $40 1x Vintage Civil War Handcuffs (from finding one set of Cigarette Cards
1x Gold Jointed Bracelet
1x Legendary Alligator Tooth
Permanently decreases the speed that the Dead Eye core drains by 10%
Bear Claw Talisman $34.75 1x Silver Chain Bracelet
1x Quartz Chunk (from Dinosaur Bone locations)
1x Legendary Bear Claw
Perminently decreases the speed that the health core drains by 10%
Boar Tusk Talisman $31 1x Gold Earring 1x Cobolt Petrified Wood
1x Legendary Boar Tusk
Permanently decreases speed that the horse health and stamina cores drain by 10%
Bison Horn Talisman $38.5 1x Abalone Shell Fragment
1x Silver Earring
1x Legendary Bison Horn
Permanently decreases the speed that the stamina core drains by 10%
Raven Claw Talisman $29 1x Old Brass Compass (from Rock Carving locations) Permanently slows degradation for all weapons by 20%
Eagle Eye Talisman N/A Owners of the Special / Ultimate Edition only Increases Eagle Eye duration by five seconds

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