PUBG's new 4x4 map Sanhok, previously known as Savage, has been announced, and it looks fascinating for players that are up for a little more feisty a challenge than usual.

We've had a chance to play it, thanks to a recent round of testing on the new Experimental Test Server, so here on this page we've gathered together everything we know about the new PUBG map so far, including any loose hints at a release date - or at least a release window - along with the map's new features, plus how to get a map key, the next test dates and any other info we've found so far.

PUBG Sanhok test dates - when does the Sanhok test start and end?

The next round of testing for Sanhok has been announced - below you'll find the specific dates, but read on for more on the map itself and how to get map keys to get involved, too.

PUBG Sanhok map test start time:

  • UK - May 10th, 3am UK time
  • US - May 9th, 7pm PDT
  • Korea - May 10th, 11am KST

PUBG Sanhok map test end time:

  • UK - May 14th, Midday UK time
  • US - May 14th, 4am PDT
  • Korea - May 14th, 8pm KST

PUBG's Sanhok explained - what do we know about the smaller new PUBG map features?

Finally, we've got an idea of how this map plays. Below is a quick-fire roundup of everything that's new or different about the 4x4 map Sanhok.


The most obvious point to make about it is that this new map is, of course, smaller than the other two maps Erangel and Miramar that already exist - with both of those coming in at 8 kilometres by 8 kilometres, to this one's four by four.

Broadly speaking then, the main change to actual gameplay is the pace - indeed this is all we could really predict about the map on first announce. Being half the size of Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok brings frantic early-game firefights, still a fairly quiet mid-game, and faster circles to hurry up the move to the late-game. Here are the other, more specific changes:

  • Weather's back! - contentious weather conditions like fog and rain have returned. They were unpopular at first, but the hardcore community has been after their return for some time, and we're personally delighted to see them back and mixing up our playstyles once again.
  • New, but unfinished buildings - unsurprisingly, new building shapes are in the mix, but these could still change before the map launches properly. Although we still recommend memorising their layouts to get the upper hand!
  • There's an Easter Egg - We won't spoil it, but it's from a film, and it's circular...

There's also a handful of new things that have been tweaked already, as Bluehole keeps us updated on progress. Here's a list of the changes so far:

  • Increased the item and weapon spawn rates - specifically inside residential buildings and small cabins to improve the looting experience along the outskirts of the map.
  • The circle now spawns instantly - no more anxious waiting period before you know where to go. The white circle now starts instantly, giving you an immediate idea of where you need to head next and how long you have.
  • Blue zone time adjusted - to speed up gameplay during the first phase of the match.
  • Red zone frequency has been lowered - There are also now fewer explosions inside each red zone. The size of the red zone remains the same.
  • Tweaks to vehicle spawns - Vans now spawn less often. The two-wheeled motorcycle spawns more often. Motorbikes with sidecars have been removed Sanhok. (Hooray!)
  • Duos and Squads added - You can now team up with your pals for 2, 3, and 4-player action on the map, too.

What else do we know about plans for the map in the future? In short, we're still waiting on more news.

It's fair to speculate that new vehicles, along with the teased new weapon, seemingly modelled on the real-world FN FAL, will be coming to the map, seeing as multiple new vehicles and weapons were added with Miramar when that was still new.

The player numbers are also set to stay the same at 100 per round, which means the most significant effect on the moment-to-moment is indeed the density of the opposition.

Otherwise, it's all speculation for now, but the above additions - and notably the most recent changes - seem very much in line with requests from the red zone- and three-seat-motorbike-hating community. We wouldn't rule out a complete removal or further reductions to the red zone, and tweaks to the pacing of the mid-game given the trajectory of the changes made so far, but who knows!

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PUBG new map keys - how to get a 4x4 map beta key to play Sanhok on the Test Server

At the time of writing, the the new 4x4 map is only playable on the Experimental Test Server - a special sever different to the other test server that requires a beta code to access.

It's also only available during select testing periods - similarly to how Miramar's release was handled - with the next one coming up soon (dates and times are in the section up top, if you missed them). The keys themselves are set to be available at set times and dates.

How to get a 4x4 map key

To get a key to access the map tests, head to PUBG's dedicated map beta site. From our experience keys come and go in terms of availability - so keep an eye on official announcements, particularly on PUBG's official Twitter, and keep trying your luck on the site.


If you get one, you simply click "Authenticate with Steam" to sign into your Steam account, and then copy your code across to the regular place where codes are redeemed on Steam (the Add A Game button down the bottom left) and redeem the code there.

Download the new client, which is around 5GB in size, and if a test is running at the time you can dive in and play right away!

Sanhok release date expectations - when will the 4x4 map be available?

There's no exact release date for the 4x4 map, but there is at least a vague window.

"Next month" was the quote from Bluehole regarding its availablity on the Test Server, according to the Roadmap blog. It's available there now, and with only Miramar's gradual release to go from, that doesn't give us the best idea of when it'll be publicly available for all on the main servers.


Miramar didn't take long at all to go from test server to full release, but on the other hand all of the talk from Bluehole has been that we'll be playing these new additions much earlier than we have in the past. We'd suggest late April is the very earliest we'll see the full map live then, but don't be surprised if it's quite a few weeks later than that.

Either way, you can probably tell we're pretty excited. Fingers crossed it's a smooth launch and we get our hands on some miniaturised chicken dinners - chicken snacks? - some time soon!

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