Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side of the Moon and how to complete Rabbit Ridge Tower

How to reach and get the most out of the first Secret Kingdom.

Dark Side of the Moon and the Dark Side Rabbit Ridge Tower are objectives and things to do that you'll encounter after reaching the end of Super Mario Odyssey, which follow on from Super Mario Odyssey - Talk to Toad at the Castle!.

You'll find our full walkthrough for them here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Dark Side of the Moon

Remember that objective that pops up after you've spoken with the Toad outside Peach's Castle? Where you're told to collect more Moons? Well, there's a reason for that. New locations of course! The first is the Dark Side of the Moon, and it's unlocked once you've powered up the Odyssey with 250 Power Moons. This is an accumulative total and includes every Moon you've collected thus far (including shops that sell multiple versions).


When you have enough, throw Capy at the globe outside your ship, power up the Odyssey and select 'Dark Side' from the travel map. When you touch down, you're greeted with the sight that is Rabbit Ridge.

Dark Side - Rabbit Ridge

Rabbit Ridge is in actual fact a gauntlet tower, which will pit you against all four of the Broodal Bosses (in the order of Irish, Mini, Fat and Tall). The caveat being that your health doesn't refill after every fight. You'll need to conserve it in the early stages, which is tough considering the Irish Broodal (one of the tougher bosses) is first. Take our advice and grab a Life-Up Heart from any Crazy Cap store before heading to the Dark Side.


Arrival at Rabbit Ridge

As soon as the Odyssey touches down, use the Spark pylon to make the long trip down to the next level. This place isn't called Rabbit Ridge metaphorically, either. It's covered in rabbits in top hats and rocks carved (or grown) into the shapes or bunnies. Jump up to the higher platform in front of you and use the Binoculars to see where you need to go.

Look up and you'll see the colourful light marker telling you that you need to reach the very top of that tall lunar rock tower to continue. Jump up onto the next platform, then the next, then ride the Spark pylon across the gap to a whole in the wall of the tower. Follow the path that's revealed, then turn right into the doorway at the end.


You'll now be in Rabbit Ridge Tower: First Floor. Run onto the main platform and… surprise. Time for another Broodal boss fight!

Super Mario Odyssey really likes reusing its boss fights and simply upping the amount of craziness every time. This battle is no exception. His attacks are still the same - he'll attack you with a tower of hats, using them to create a pink trap on the floor as he spins. When you knock all his hats off, you can jump on his head.


After doing this, he'll launch a ton of hats in every direction. Just keep jumping and eventually they'll disappear and he'll start from the beginning again. Each phase sees him carrying even more hats, so be careful. We advise keeping a distance and destroying each hat as it comes off. Try launching his own hats at him for double the progress.

When's beaten, head up the steps and through the doorway. Head up the next corridor and enter the next doorway. You're now in Rabbit Ridge Tower: Second Floor and, lo and behold, another Broodal boss fight. This time with Mini Broodal. Following the same tactics - stand still and knock back her blue bombs, then use her giant purple chain bombs to knock her down, jump on her head to hurt her. When she's done, follow the next path to the Third Floor.


On the Third Floor it's Fat Broodal boss time, so follow those tried and tested tactics that saw you beat him twice before. Stay away from his opening poison spin, use your cap to clear a path, hit him to know his hat off and Ground Pound his head. Avoiding his poison trail attack, then repeat until done.

Again, follow the steps up and out the door. Up the walkway, and into the doorway that leads to the Fourth Floor. Now take on the Tall Broodal, using his razor hats as jump pads. His jumping hat attack is a little harder to avoid with the reduced gravity, but when he's done follow the usual route out. You'll find a single heart in the corridor up to a Warp Pipe.


Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

Up top, it's time to face… Mecha Broodal! Roughly the same tactics as before, only this time there are Hammer Bros rather than Pokios. Possess a Hammer Bro, strafe around the bombs and hit the boss's legs with hammers. Focus on one leg. When its down, jump to the top, de-possess and Ground Pound the glass chamber.


Next up: Super Mario Odyssey - Darker Side, Culmina Crater and Long Journey's End

Second phase is stamping, so keep moving, possess a Hammer Bro and repeat. Third time round the boss charges you three times - dodge, avoiding the spinning coils and focusing your hammers on one leg. Report the fourth time around and the fight is over. A hard-earned Multi Moon is yours. You'll also unlock the King's Crown and King's Outfit.

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