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SSX3 out this Christmas

Swap boredom for board-dom

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There have been rumours of SSX3's development pretty much since Tricky first shipped, with tantalising but unsubstantiated nuggets of info appearing in several magazines over the last year - including the Official PS2 Mag here in the UK.

However GameSpot reckons it has stumbled upon the first truly concrete info this week, in the shape of a behind the scenes video bundled with NBA Street Vol.2. According to GameSpot, the video includes a short SSX3 trailer, which sees an unnamed character standing atop a massive mountain waving to a helicopter, followed by an SSX3 logo screen.

The trailer also points to a "fall 2003" release date, which seems likely as it would put the game on store shelves two years after its predecessor.

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