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Dynasty Warriors 4 gets June date

No worries!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

KOEI has announced plans to bring PS2-based Dynasty Warriors 4 to Europe on June 27th, the latest title in the popular Taction series (that's Tactical Action shortened - do you like it?). The fourth game has more than 50 levels across 17 maps, one-on-one duels with enemy officers, lots of siege engines, the ability to create your own officers and bodyguards, new character-specific special attacks, a brand new weapon experience system and a revamped Musou mode. All of the old characters return, too, with over 40 playable in total including three new fellas: Cao Ren, Zhou Tai and Yue Ying.

For those who've been wondering, we'll be bringing you our thoughts on the recently Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends shortly. This writer is currently undergoing a DW crash course in preparation. There goes the Easter Weekend, eh?

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