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Vietcong The Musical

Gathering of Tunes

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Gathering (Take-Two) has accumulated a number of groovy 60s tunes to add to Vietcong's authenticity, apparently. Among the artists on the soundtrack will be Iggy Pop's Stooges (I Wanna Be Your Dog), Deep Purple (Hey Joe), The Standells (Riot on Sunset Strip), and The Groupies (Primitive).

Vietcong producer Rupert Easterbrook commented: "The Vietnam War is one the most filmed and written about periods of modern history, it has been a topic of fascination for decades now and we want to stay faithful to it's history by leaving no stone uncovered in our quest for authenticity. As music is one of the elements that really evokes this period it was essential that we got this right."

We've just gotten our hands on Vietcong code and will be bringing you our thoughts on it soon.

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