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Eidos classics for a fiver

Sold Out bags 13 of them

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Sold Out has again marked itself out as the master of budget software by signing a stunning deal that brings a string of Eidos PC titles to its already enormous range.

Joining the incredible Deus Ex are 13 titles [deep breath]: Hitman, Project IGI, Tomb Raider Chronicles, Startopia, Championship Manager 00/01, Project Eden, Gangsters 2, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2, Commandos 2, Anachronox, Frontline Attack and Three Kingdoms.

No dates have been confirmed as yet, with most of the above earmarked for a super budget release towards the latter part of 2003.

So. For just £64.87 you can have about a year's worth of gaming. Out of that list we'd happily recommend the ridiculously overlooked Startopia, ditto Project Eden, Hitman is flawed, but fun, TR Chronicles is more of the same, but will plug a gap while Core struggle to make Angel of Darkness fun, CM 00/01 is obviously brilliant, albeit out of date, Commandos 2 is good, but a serious hardcore challenge, IGI is good, but suffers from neurotic AI, while the rest will appeal to fans of the specific genres.

We certainly applaud such obvious value, but is this the death of PC gaming as we know it? Are publishers really making so little money from PC games that they're clearing out their commitment to the platform in the games industry equivalent of an "everything must go" sale? Having studied Eidos' UK sales figures on all of the above titles, we fear the answer is yes. Thoughts, comments, as ever….

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