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Dead Man's Human Head

Xbox-exclusive FPS from Rune developer

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InfogramesNotAtari has announced a new Xbox-exclusive, Unreal-engine FPS called Dead Man's Hand. Set in the "Old West", the game is to be developed by Human Head Studios, whose plaudits include Rune on the PC, a game we really liked around here.

The single player adventure charts gunslinger El Tejon's quest for revenge upon his former gangmates - members of "The Nine" (now presumably "The Eight"). The game uses characteristic backdrops taken from deserts, towns, cities, mountains and mines all over the western USA, and runs for 20 missions. You can expect bar fights, showdowns at high noon, stagecoach robberies and of course train-top gun-fighting. Players will get a horse and nine good old western shooting irons to play around with.

Hardly surprising stuff so far (except maybe for the horse), but the edge will apparently be a special "legend" scoring system a bit like RPG experience, which accumulates points and endows the player with special skills. Oh, and there will be a short poker hand played before each mission, the result of which determines how much health, ammo and points El Tejon starts with.

Furthermore, the game will include split-screen and Xbox Live multiplayer modes. Interestingly, the main game can apparently be played co-operatively, but we don't yet know if that applies to Live too.

Dead Man's Hand is due out at the end of the year, along with a hundred billion other things.

Source: GameSpot

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