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Eyeing up PS2 online

The latest shots of Destruction Derby Arenas, Hardware, and EyeToy

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Image credit: Eurogamer

This morning we've gotten our hands on a few screenshots of various PS2 online and EyeToy games, and we thought we'd draw your attention to them here, lest they drown in the onslaught of "other shots" we're going to be shoving into play during the day.

First up, we have a couple of new shots of Hardware (née Hardware Network Technology) which if we remember correctly is a Dropship-derived deathmatch tank 'em up underway here in the UK. We're not that impressed with the shots ourselves, but hey.

Also, today marks the release of Destruction Derby Arenas screenshots. We're very keen to play this, as we have many cherished memories of causing massive, Burnout-mockingly explosive pile-ups and collisions. These early shots are, to our eyes at least, quite encouraging.

Lastly, we have a trio of EyeToy: Mini Games shots, showing off the "Social/Party Games" at the heart of Sony's webcam setup. As any of you who went to the PlayStation Experience last year will fondly remember, EyeToy is a means for making even the most coordinated of human beings look stupid, by forcing the player to wave their arms and legs manically in front of a TV-mounted camera - the games read your moves and translate them to the screen, and even show you how daft you look. Activities include Kung-Fu kicks, window washing, plate spinning, football keep-ups, dancing, and air guitar.

The final package will comprise 15-20 "immediately accessible pick up and play compelling games", and Sony claims it is "the game to finally get your girlfriend and non-gaming mates to play PS2". Get us to do it? Isn't it your job, Mr. Sony?

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