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Eidos confirms Soul Reaver 3 and Italian Job

No Angel

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Despite failing to get Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness out the door, and despite Sports Interactive's insistence on more time for CM4, Eidos chairman John van Kuffeler is apparently extremely pleased with the company's financial earnings so far this year. Blood Omen 2 on the Cube must've been a big hit, then.

What's more, Mr. van Kuffeler has confirmed in his statement that a couple of new titles are due from Crystal Dynamics "over the coming months" (Soul Reaver 3 and 'Spanx') and that a new Italian Job game is in production for PS2, Xbox and Cube. SCi, as you may recall, was responsible for the popular PSX version of Michael Caine's mini adventure, but it sounds like Eidos has wrestled it home.

Van Kuffeler goes on to say that it is pleased with the way the games market is moving this year, with hardware and software sales both expected to rise.

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