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Enix explains dead horse

Blames its tools

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As many of our more ardent RPG-pursuing followers will be well aware, Enix's long-awaited Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is a mite buggy. So what, you might ask? Ah, but this is a PS2 game. Oh. Enix has now issued a joint statement with Sony Japan, aiming to pacify the domestic uprising by swapping out defective discs (if you ship them to SCEJ directly). Not that that's much good to importers, who we'd simply encourage to talk to their importer.

Anyway, Enix and Sony claim that the problem is down to older models of the PS2 (SCPH-10000) being unable to cope sufficiently with information found in the newer software libraries that Star Ocean uses. Meanwhile, IGN casts doubt on this explanation by pointing out that fatal lock-up bugs are just as evident on their SCPH-30000 system. Ho hum.

All of which is a bit of a shame, because the game is reportedly very good…

Source: IGN

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