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Sims Online gets secure trading

And Sim Pixie Dust shows us how!

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We may not have thought a great deal of The Sims Online during a recent playtest, but we can't get enough of EA's painfully creative PR in the US. This week, they're pimping the new 'secure trading' aspect of the game, which allows players to barter with one another properly, hunting for bargains and arranging complicated monetary and goods exchanges. EA estimates that 4.7 billion Simoleons have been amassed since the game's inception, so finding new and creative ways to spend that cash is obviously very important.

Anyway, here's the bit you've all been waiting for - The EA Example!

Sim Pixie Dust is currently creating a coffee shop on her lot in The Sims Online. She finds herself in need of some comfy couches but short on funds. Enterprising in nature, she goes window shopping in her online city seeking a sweet deal on three sofas. A quick in-game search brings her to Bill's Bargain Basement Emporium. Sim Bargain Bill makes her an offer: Three couches for 1500 Simoleons and her Poseidon Adventure Aquarium. Pixie counters with an offer of 1275 Simoleons and her Duke Tubula Memorial Surf Board. They strike the deal using the new in-game secure trading technology. Another satisfied customer in The Sims Online!

Yep. Still TBC for Europe.

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