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Anarchy in Norway

Another booster pack in the works

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fans of Anarchy Online can look forward to another expansion pack, sorry 'booster' once the forthcoming add-on Shadowlands is out of the door, funky Norwegians Funcom have revealed.

"Our main focus for Anarchy Online is still obviously our expansion, Shadowlands, but we have started conceptualizing another booster pack," CEO Trond Arne Aas commented (and we couldn't possibly comment on the pronunciation).

With a working title of Towns of Rubi-Ka, the booster will apparently "further expand the depth and possibilities in the most advanced Persistent Online World to date".

"One of the main features in the next booster pack will be social aspects, like player-made towns and gardens," said Game Director Gaute Godager.

"With the success we had with the introduction of the booster pack concept, we're certain we will expand and improve on that with a second product," he added.

But he's getting ahead of himself slightly, given that Shadowlands isn't even released yet. In case you need reminding about that 'booster', head here.

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