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WWF Leopard Survival: Just Save It

Gaming for a noble cause

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The one and only World Wildlife Fund has signed a software license agreement with Russians Buka Entertainment, giving the latter rights to publish and distribute "Save Leopards!", a strategic management sim created by Nikita for the WWF. The game will be published as a supplement to Buka's other titles for free - in hopes of attracting public concern to the ecological problems faced by leopards around the world.

The game is based around a real model of the leopards' population, as the player is given certain monetary funds to try and save the remaining leopards in the Far East. You can focus on fire-fighting, nurturing forest reserves and other helpful strategies, and the object of the game is to increase the population from 30 to 100 units within 30 years. Afterwards, you can report on the strategy you came up with for saving the leopards - to WWF executives.

We're not quite sure how the game stands to be distributed in wider Europe, but if we hear anything else we'll be sure to let you know.

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