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Malice slips to autumn

"To accommodate editing and game play alterations"

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Shares in UK-based Argonaut took a bit of a tumble this morning, after the developer told the city that Xbox platformer Malice has been delayed from Q1 until autumn of this year. The delay will also affect the PS2 version which is being developed externally. "This is to allow further development time to accommodate editing and game play alterations and so make a uniformly high quality title," Chief Executive Jez San said in a statement.

"The development of Malice commenced before the 2002 implementation of our new project management systems, which are specifically designed to prevent this type of delay occurring at the completion stage of a game. Although any delay to the launch of a game is very disappointing, we believe the maintenance of the very high quality standard of Argonaut's games is of vital importance to the Group's long-term performance and reputation."

The firm's next release will be Kung Fu Chaos, developed for Xbox by Argo's Cambridge based studio JustAddMonsters.

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