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Splinter Cell level to launch with Xbox Live

Free downloadable content finally materialises

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Ubi Soft has finally revealed details of the Xbox Live exclusive Splinter Cell mission promised as a free download recently. Dashing once and for all persistent claims that the PS2's exclusive Power Plant level would make an appearance, the publisher confirmed that "Kola Cell" will be released on March 14th to celebrate Xbox Live's official launch in Europe - and the first anniversary of the console's release.

Kola Cell will be freely available to Splinter Cell owners on that date, although it's not clear if further releases will be free or part of Live's so-called "premium" content service.

"Ubi Soft would like to thank Tom Clancy Splinter Cell fans for their continued support and provide them a free downloadable mission that is just as exciting and intense as the original game," Alain Corre, Ubi's European MD, commented, claiming that Ubi is "psyched" at the opportunity Live offers them.

Few details are available on Kola Cell's contents. The section of the press release dedicated to the subject is PR fluff claiming "a whole new experience linked to the original storyline featuring the same stunning graphics and challenging exercises from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - one of the highest rated games for" blah blah blah. "In this new level, with his famous gadgets at hand, Sam can call upon his best moves-from the split jump to the stealthy roll-to achieve his four objectives. The new level promises to be action-packed to give a new challenge to the players who completed the game."

We'll find out more on March 14th. In the meantime, two unhelpful screenshots of the level are available here.

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