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Codies goes shopping at GDC

Codies plan to nab at least five triple-A's in San Jose

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UK publisher Codemasters is planning to attend this years GDC in San Jose with a "clear mandate to acquire five A to triple-A games" - part of an aggressive product acquisition strategy which will see the company spending big on externally developed games over the coming months.

The company is specifically looking for US-centric games, and is interested in titles on all major console formats, including PC online games. Handheld and wireless games, however, are not a priority for the company at the moment.

"GDC is the best forum to meet developers seeking publishing deals and to present Codemasters' global publishing activities," according to Codemasters head of business development, Gary Rowe. "We're looking to work with teams whose projects fit in with Codemasters' policy of publishing products of excellence."

Although Codies has significant internal development resources at its Leamington Spa offices, external developers have produced many of the company's key titles in recent years - including the hugely successful Operation Flashpoint series, Prisoner of War and the forthcoming IGI 2: Covert Strike.

Developers interested in chatting to Codemasters at GDC should get in touch with Gary Rowe or UK acquisitions manager Dean Trotman in advance of the show at

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