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Sims holds off Generals

...and Mortal Kombat

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The Sims was again an immovable object at the top of the All Formats chart this week, holding off both big new releases in the shape of Command & Conquer: Generals, and Mortal Kombat, which entered the charts at No.2 and No.3 respectively.

Elsewhere, there were new entries for CDV's American Conquest at No.28 (No.7 PC full price), and Disney's Treasure Planet (No.38), with a surprise re-entry for Caesar III at No.14, now available via the Sold Out budget label.

Last year's big Christmas releases still continue to perform well, with The Getaway still at No.4, Vice City No.5, FIFA 2003 No.6, Two Towers No.9, Nightfire No.11 and Harry Potter No.12.

The free GameCube title offer appears to have made little impression on the consumer, with none of Nintendo's first party titles anywhere near the All Prices Top 40, nor the Full Price Top 40.

Meanwhile Xbox exclusive titles are perilously thin on the ground again, with just Splinter Cell making the Top 40, down to No.35. GBA titles, needless to say, are AWOL for the umpteenth week running.

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