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Deus Ex for a fiver

Sold Out augments schedule with JC Denton and MDK2

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Deus Ex and MDK2 will both be available for five quid on March 21st, those budget boffins at Sold Out have announced, along with Carmageddon TDR 2000, Rival Realms, Descent 3 and Evolva.

Deus Ex surely needs little introduction. It's one of the finest adventure/RPG titles ever released (and not a First Person Shooter by any stretch of the imagination, right Warren?) and easily worth five of your shiny Queen's pounds. And MDK2, though nowhere near as charming as its illustrious predecessor (which basically launched Shiny, for us), is still a lovely example of the adventurous Western shoot 'em up.

Take the bus to work for a couple of days and pick 'em up with the dosh you don't pay Ken.

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